Fundraising Manifesto


        As the life of St. Martin de Porres parish progresses, and as it marks various milestones within its 3-site institution, we, the staff and volunteers of this organization, are committed to ensuring the health and prosperity of this unique community of believers.  As such, we intend, through a composite series of events, incentives, and multiple campaigns, to fully invest in the generosity of our community, both locally and abroad.  We have collectively agreed that our efforts to raise funds for various projects and long-term agendas has been, is now, and continues to be in the best interest of this parish’s vitality.  While we understand the importance of adhering to Christ’s message of selflessness and assisting the most disenfranchised amongst us, we also collectively recognize that, as a Catholic congregation comprised mostly of Men & Women of Color – who consistently experience said disenfranchisement in ways that other parishes do not due to our varied identities – it is necessary, if not imperative, that we utilize the best of our community’s resources to maintain a strong, nurturing faith environment for its members.  Thus, fundraising is, without a doubt, one of our most crucial methods by which this environment, a Black and Brown Catholic Christian environment, can be sustained, and so we gladly, and freely, will make every effort to do so, with the continued hope that God’s blessings will manifest themselves in our work.