August 21, 2022

From the Parochial Vicar’s Desk


Dear Parishioners,

When we listen to the news these days, we see the inquisitiveness of journalists. They want to know now what will happen tomorrow or next year. However, this desire to forecast the future is not an exclusive reserve of journalists. To a considerable extent, all human beings tend to be inquisitive about the future. This is why someone approaches Jesus in today’s gospel passage and inquires, “Lord, will only a few people be saved?” Jesus’ answer to this question shows how irrelevant the question is. Instead, he directs us to “strive to enter through the narrow gateā€¦.” This way, Jesus draws attention to the fact that a better question would have been, “am I qualified to be saved?” Why not save ourselves while we still have the chance instead of inquisitively fixating on knowing how many will be saved?

Curiosity questions have a unique appeal to mass media or popular imagination. Relevant questions, on the other hand, have a way of motivating us to pursue what is necessary. Some blanket curiosity questions are designed to obtain information about facts and figures but are irrelevant to our motivation. One can argue that some questions can be demoralizing or demotivating. If Jesus had answered “only a few,” the (wo)man could have concluded that s/he does not stand a chance and, as such, will not even try. Perhaps, this is why Jesus prefers answering relevant and beneficial questions instead of curiosity questions. Rather than wasting our time on irrelevant questions, let us concentrate on what will benefit us for salvation.

Jesus specifies the criteria for entering into salvation. Among other things, he wants us to be vigilant and faithful to God so that “the master of the house” will not lock the door behind us. For Jesus, eternal salvation is a result of struggle or strenuous effort and entails sacrifice and selfless service. The good news is, we all stand a chance if we do the needful. May God help us to be vigilant and faithful in our sacrificial pursuit for God’s salvation.

School of Faith Formation Registration

New registration and re-registration forms are now available for the upcoming academic year for our parish school of Faith Formation (Sunday school). Students preparing to receive First Holy Communion and Confirmation must be registered in our parish school of Faith Formation. Registration forms are available online via our parish website. The registration fee is $55. For more information you may contact Ms. Michelle Joseph our Director of Faith Formation.


Have a joyful and peaceful week,

Fr. Franklin Ezeorah