March 6, 2022

From the Pastor’s Desk

Dear Parishioners,

On this first Sunday of Lent, we hear in our gospel passage for Mass the account of the temptation. Jesus is tempted by Satan on three different occasions. It is customary to hear the story of the temptation each first Sunday of Lent. It gives us an opportunity to reflect upon the times we are tempted to give in to Satan and his empty promises. Lent is an opportunity for us to grow in holiness and truth. Every time I reflect upon this gospel passage, I recall the image of the devil and an angel perched up on a person’s shoulder. Who do we listen to in times of temptation, the angel or the devil? During this season of Lent, we are given an opportunity to listen attentively to Jesus and to journey with him in the desert. These weeks of Lent are meant to be moments of encounter, allowing Christ to lead us to the joys of the resurrection. All of us are poor sinners, trying our best each day to get to heaven. May this Lenten season be a time of transformation, as we follow Christ from the cross to the empty tomb.

What a beautiful celebration we had last week! I sincerely thank all of you who came to St. Peter Claver Church for the Mass closing the 100th anniversary. Bishop Brennan had a great time! He expressed his joy and gratitude to all of you. I thank each of you who made last week’s celebration so beautiful and prayerful. We are truly producing good fruit here in Bedford Stuyvesant!

Lenten Evening Vespers & Stations of the Cross

As is the custom here at St. Martin de Porres, each Tuesday of Lent we will have Eucharistic Adoration with Vespers. It will be held at Our Lady of Victory Church beginning this Tuesday, March 8 at 7:00PM. It will also be livestreamed. We will also continue the Lenten practice of praying the stations of the cross every Friday during the season of Lent at each of the three churches beginning at 7:00PM. All are welcomed to join us for prayer.

Lenten Coin Cards

One of the three traditional practices of Lent is almsgiving. It is in that spirit, that we will continue with the custom of distributing Lenten coin cards. These cards are meant to serve as a practice of giving what we have for the poor and needy of our community. There will be coin cards available at the doors of each of our three churches. Please return these cards in the collection basket or to the parish office on Palm Sunday.

Contribution Letters

As we get closer to tax preparation time, letters are available for those of you who need them to prepare your taxes. It is important to use your envelopes when contributing to the parish in order that we can keep a record of your financial contribution to the parish. As your Pastor, I take this opportunity to thank all of you for the gift of your time, talent and treasure. I pray every day that the Lord will continue to bless all of us in his love, mercy and goodness.

We adore you O Christ and we praise you, for by your holy cross, you have redeemed the world,

Father Alonzo Q. Cox